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Cookies for Any Occasion

At Punta Gorda Cookies, I strive to provide delicious homemade cookies, iced to perfection, to enhance your event. Whether you're celebrating a birthday for a friend, a wedding for a hundred, a baby shower, or rewarding your own customers or clients with a personalized treat, I can help you!

I offer pricing to fit many budgets. All cookies are freshly baked for you using high quality ingredients and are individually heat sealed for freshness. Heat sealed cookies are fresh and tasty for 2-3 weeks, or several months if you freeze them!

All About Me

Hi! I'm Lori. Lifetime cook and baker, Midwestern farm girl turned Floridian, dog lover, mom, wife, and Taylor Swift enthusiast. I also may have a legit addiction to cookie cutters.

I started my home bakery cookie business, officially, on January 29 of 2020. For years leading up to that, I was primarily a holiday baker and would send goodie boxes to friends and family all over the country at Christmas. In 2019 I stepped up my decorating game and enjoyed it so much, I decided to keep going. My husband and neighbors were on the receiving end of all my trials and samples and encouraged me to start selling. Mostly because they support me. Somewhat because their pants would fit again if I had an outlet for my creativity. I sold a few cookies, mostly to people I knew. 

Covid-19 hit and I shrugged and said 'well, that was fun while it lasted'. I continued to market cookies, adding non-contact pickup using a cooler on my front porch for safety. The orders trickled in. Then in late April 2020, I threw together what I called 'Boredom Buster Kits' consisting of undecorated cookies, several colors of icing, and sprinkles. I marketed these with free delivery and almost before the post went out on social media, I had sold the two kits I created. While The Husband and I hit the road in masks and gloves to drop kits on the doorsteps of desperately bored Charlotte County residents, I received orders for 16 more kits! I stayed up most of that night baking and assembling and within a couple of weeks had sold almost 75 kits. This was the kickoff to the growth of my business. Those people loved the cookies and the service I provided and started inquiring for birthday cookies, bridal shower cookies, and more. Cookies fit into the creative way people found to celebrate and come together, even when they had to be apart. The growth has continued and the pickup cooler stuck!

In 2021 I added Gourmet Drop Cookies to my lineup - the best cookies you've ever tasted with premium ingredients and a perfect crispy exterior with an ooey, gooey center. You can only get Gourmet Drop Cookies at shows and farmer's markets. So be sure to watch my social media for my rare public appearances. :) 

In late 2021 I invested in my secret weapon -
Eddie the Edible Ink Printer - he's just for cookies! I can print anything on a cookie - photographs, logos, graphics, funny sayings - literally any image! Eddie helped me expand into commercial orders, printing logos, coupons, and QR codes on cookies for local businesses. 


2022 was going great until September 28 - a day none of us will ever forget. Mine had an added level of drama as that morning, about 6:30am, I got a call that my mother was in the hospital and that her heart had stopped. Briefly. But still, she died for a minute and I couldn't get there because of Hurricane Ian. After the airport reopened about a week and a half later, I made it up to help her and had to temporarily suspend all orders and cookie business until things were a bit back to normal. Between that and my regular full time job as a property claims adjuster, 2022 ended up being a whirlwind. I reopened just before Thanksgiving and have continued to adjust to the changing needs of my customers. 


For 2024 I am focusing on custom decorated cookie sets and printed cookies. I will do a few public events and markets here and there, so watch for those announcements and come see me! I'll also be experimenting with things other than cookies as I expand my baking knowledge. Look for flash sales on muffins, scones, breads, and rolls and snatch them up if you can. If any of them seem to work, they may make the menu periodically for pre-order.

I love recipe development, trying new flavors, and improving my decorating skills. I love the challenge of new designs from my customers. Cookies are always different and never boring. My customers never stop challenging me with new themes and ideas. I just love my little Cottage Food business! One of my favorite things about it is I get to be a small part of your lives. I have customers for whom I have done bridal shower cookies, wedding cookies, then baby shower cookies, and finally 1st and now 2nd birthday cookies. That just warms my heart! Thank you for trusting me with your events!

On the personal side, I adore my husband, who is undoubtedly my biggest fan, my four grown kids, my two Jack Russell pups (one pure blood, one half blood), all things Harry Potter, my pool, rum (Jamaican or otherwise), and traveling. I've recently taken up golf and I'm really really bad. But I enjoy the scenery and solitude of a golf course so I'm going to keep at it! And it turns out I'm a Swiftie. Trust me, nobody is more surprised than me. :)

That's me! Thank you so much for making my business thrive over the last three years. I look forward to making your cookies for years to come!


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Location & Hours

Punta Gorda Cookies
7424 S Moss Rose
Punta Gorda, Florida 33955
+1 (941) 265-BAKE (2253)
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